Developing Collaborative And Leadership Strengths
For Organisational Success

Being able to understand, communicate, apply and develop your strengths has great impact on your success and satisfaction. 

Collaboratively applying your collective strengths has even greater impact.

Be part of the most positive, proactive, productive and context specific way to provide and share in benefits that are meaningful, enduring and enjoyable... every day.

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Collaborative Strengths delivers StrengthsFinder™  informed programs that are designed to maximize shared success and satisfaction.

We empower individuals and help to develop effective teams through the improved understanding, communication and application of their individual and collaborative strengths. 
    • If you know and actively apply your strengths:

      • You will be 6 times more likely to be engaged in your work

      • Your team will be 12.5% more productive

      • You will be 3 times more likely to feel and state that you have an “excellent quality of life”. “

    • Organisations that effectively utilise strengths enjoy:

      • 37% less absenteeism

      • 41% less quality issues

      • 48% less safety incidents

      • 25% - 65% less turnover

    • Organisations that effectively utilise strengths are:

      • 44% more likely to earn higher customer satisfaction ratings

      • 38% more likely to have an employee as part of a highly productive team

      • 22% more profitable

    Positive   Proactive   Productive   Individualised

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